Monthly Meetings 2017-2018

The following are the dates of this season's monthly meetings, with details of speakers. As usual, all meetings are on Friday evenings, starting at 7.15 p.m. for a 7.30 pm start. will be held at the Planetarium, Wynyard Woodland Park, just outside Stockton, off the A177 Durham Road, until further notice.

8 September 2017

“Coronal Conundra and Prominence Puzzles” by Dr. Colin Steele of Manchester University

13 October

“Molecules in Space“ by Dr. Catherine Walsh of Leeds University

10 November

“George Ellery Hale and the Golden Age of US Astronomy” by Rod Hine of Bradford A.S.

8 December

“The Great American Eclipse” by Neil Haggath FRAS of CaDAS

12 January 2018

“Planetary Imaging with Winjupos” by Keith Johnson of CaDAS

9 February

“How to Permanently Set Up Your Telescope” by Dr. Jürgen Schmoll, Chairman of CaDAS

9 March

“Gravitational Lensing“ by Prof. Michael Brown of Manchester University

13 April

“Sizing up Space” and ”Phantom of the Universe (The hunt for Dark Matter)” by TASC

11 May

“Massive Starbirth” by Dr. Katharine Johnston of Leeds University

8 June

AGM plus members’ short talks